Refund Policy

If you would like to request a refund, please send us a “Refund Request” via contact page. When requesting a refund, we respectfully ask that you meet the following refund policy conditions:

  • Refund must be requested within 7 days of purchase. We cannot grant refunds after the first 7 days of purchase.
  • You will be eligible for refund if you have an issue which makes system unusable, and we are unable to resolve that after adequate attempt. Please note, technical issues caused by 3rd party plugins, themes or other software will not provide grounds for a refund.
  • An item is “not as described” if it is materially different from the item description or demo so you should expect us to “tell it like it is” when it comes to the features and functionality of items. If it turns out the item is “not as described” you will be entitled to a refund.


Why a refund may not be given

If the item is materially similar to the description and preview and works the way it should, there is generally no obligation to provide a refund in situations like the following:

  • You don’t want it after you’ve downloaded it.
  • The item did not meet your expectations.
  • You simply change your mind.
  • You bought an item by mistake.
  • You do not have sufficient expertise to use the item.
  • You can no longer access the item because it has been removed (we advise you to download items as soon as you have purchased them to avoid this situation).
  • You are requesting for a custom feature that was not present during the time when you bought it.


When you are placing an order for any of our products, you indicate that you have read this refund policy properly, and agree with and fully accept the terms of this refund policy.